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Portsmouth newborn baby photography – Ruby’s portrait session

So I’ve taken a really lovely long break over Christmas and New Year to recharge my batteries but it was back to it today with a newborn portrait session for baby Ruby.

Little Ruby was delivered a few weeks early and at over 7lbs when she arrived I bet her Mum was glad she was early!  Once Ruby had been given a lovely long feed she was beautifully milk drunk and ready for her photos, which she slept through completely.

Ruby had also brought along her big sister Amelia who at around 2 1/2 years old is having to come to terms with sharing her Mummy/Daddy time.  But she was a really good big sister and helped with ‘shushing’, stroking Ruby’s head and was happy to pose for a few photos too.

Today was not only a great session for me because Ruby was such a super sleeper but also because I love it when client’s say they don’t mind what I do.  So out came the new backdrops I’d bought recently and my newest prop – a little drawer.  I had great fun playing with all the new things to create beautiful baby photos of Ruby.

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Drawer from Angel’s & Lullabie’s Photography Props.  Teddy bear bonnet by Babies Republic.

Ruby sneak peek-01