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Portsmouth newborn baby photography – Baby Finn’s portrait session

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than cuddling a gorgeous newborn baby and today I got to do just that.

The ever-so scrummy baby Finn came to see me today and at 8 days new he was lovely!  He is certainly a little character already as was determined to do everything his own way – even if it meant breaking all the rules.  Unlike most newborns he was deep asleep and ready to be photographed within half an hour of arriving.  He loved being on his tummy and we captured some gorgeous little chubby wrinkles.

One of the things I love most about babies coming to me for their newborn photoshoot is it means we can play with my props, which is what we did today.  Finn did not mind at all trying out my new baby bed, although when I put the crown on his head he made his Mummy’s heart completely melt!  The other plus point to people coming to me is that they get to relax as there is nothing they can do but sit back and enjoy the session.  The only side effect of that is that often the Dad’s fall asleep on my super comfy sofa and Finn’s Daddy was no exception!

Here is Finn’s first sneak peek – more to follow later.

Hamshire newborn baby photography - Finn