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Hampshire baby photography – Phoenix’s cake smash

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming back little Phoenix, 5 days before her first birthday, for a cake smash photoshoot.

I saw Phoenix last month for her belated 6-9mth baby session and she was just as much of a delight to work with this month as she was then.  Her Mummy wanted her to have a themed cake smash and had chosen my vintage tea party theme.  The cake was made to match the theme with the small addition of a giraffe as Phoenix just loves her Sophie La Giraffe.

Phoenix adored all three stages of the photoshoot.  She loved playing with the miniature tea set during her portrait photos – so much so her Mummy is now looking into buying her her own set!  Then she thoroughly enjoyed smashing up the cake, with Mummy’s help on the cake eating front (I can’t blame her the cakes I get are delicious).  Finally she had a lovely time in the bath tub splashing us all and washing her belly, which by this time was very full indeed!

As you can see in her sneak peek she had a great time, and I’m looking forward to the next time I get to work with her.

Giant cupcake by The Sugar Mum Fairy.

Portsmouth cake smash

Hampshire newborn baby photography – Pearce’s portrait session

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of welcoming back a previous client and meeting their new addition to the family – baby Pearce.

I last saw Pearce’s Mummy & Daddy when they came for his big sister Aria’s newborn session over 2 1/2 years ago – you can see her sneak peek here.  So you can imagine how delighted I was to hear from them again when baby number two was on the way.  Pearce made his poor Mummy wait 41wks to meet him but when he decided it was time to arrive he was in such a hurry that there was no time to get to the hospital.  Instead Pearce’s Daddy had to deliver him himself – thank goodness he’d paid closed attention during Aria’s birth!

Pearce was an absolute delight to work with for his newborn photo session.  He was just 2wks old at the time of the session but is one incredibly laid back little guy.  He only woke up twice during the session for a feed and went straight back to sleep after each one.  He really made my job very easy!

It was also wonderful to see Aria again who is growing into a beautiful little girl and a complete chatter box.  She was also great to work with and for a little one of her age took direction incredibly well and obviously really loves her new baby brother.

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Portsmouth newborn baby photographer

Portsmouth baby photography – Phoenix’s portrait session

Today I had an incredibly fun session when baby Phoenix came for her Baby photos.

Little Phoenix didn’t have any newborn photos taken as her Mummy and Daddy were moving house and like so many time just flew away before they knew it.  So instead little Phoenix came for a Baby photoshoot which is ideal for little ones once they can sit up unassisted.

It took Phoenix a little while to get into it as she’d had a lovely sleep in the car so needed a bit of time to wake up.  However once she was fully awake she was loads of fun and gave me lots of smiles!  Mind you I think her parents will need a lie down after the session as Phoenix was certainly into everything and just didn’t really want to sit still.

As you can see in her sneak peek she has a fabulous smile and certainly took a shine to my bunnies.

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Metal bed by TFJ Design.  Bunnies by Jellycat.

Baby photographer Portsmouth

Portsmouth newborn baby photography – Amelia’s portrait session

Today I had the great honour of working with a very precious little lady when baby Amelia come to see me for her newborn photos.

Normally I always say that babies are best photographed within the first 2 weeks after birth as this is when they’re most sleepy and likely to be happy to be posed.  However when it comes to premature babies the rules change and you do get slightly longer for newborn baby photos.  Little Amelia is 2mths old now but she was born at just under 30wks gestation!  Not only was that scary enough for her poor Mummy and Daddy but she also needed to have heart surgery very early on too.

Luckily Amelia is a little fighter and she was finally allowed home just over 2wks ago.  She is doing great and is now almost 5lbs in weight.  She is also developing a great little personality and I think she’s going to be a stubborn little lady as she certainly fought me over where her hands were going to be placed a few times today.  She also spent much of the session growling at me!

As you can see from her sneak peek she is tiny but perfect, and absolutely gorgeous!

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NB – please note that for safety purposes Amelia’s Mum was right next to her the whole time with her hand on Amelia in between shutter clicks.  This pose and prop should not be attempted without appropriate training or experience.

Portsmouth newborn baby photography

Hampshire newborn baby photography – Billy’s portrait session

After a well earned break over Christmas and New Year it was back to work with a bang this weekend when baby Billy came to see me at almost 3 weeks old for his newborn photos.

Being over the ideal age for newborn photos Billy was very awake at the start of the session but as he was a very chilled little guy that didn’t matter.  In fact Billy had no problem making eye contact with the camera which has meant his parents will have some beautiful images of him awake.  However later in the session he just couldn’t stay awake any longer and went off to sleep for me.  This means his parents get the best of both worlds with both awake and asleep shots.

As you can see in his sneak peek Billy was most happy when laid on his tummy and really wasn’t keen on me moving him once he was in position.

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Hampshire newborn baby photographer