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Portsmouth baby photography – Dakota’s portrait session

One of the things I pride myself on is the ability to work with almost every baby.  Dakota’s Mummy was desperate to have some beautiful portraits of her after they missed out on getting newborn photos done.  However she warned me when booking that Dakota is wary of strangers and can cry if she’s uncertain.

So when they arrived I didn’t straight away speak to Dakota.  I gave them all plenty of time to settle into the studio with Dakota on the sofa and me sat on the floor.  We talked about the session and how things would go and then when I felt Dakota was ready I said hello to her.  She was a little unsure to start with but once we got going she found this silly lady with the black box very funny and treated us all to loads of smiles throughout the session.

I’m certain her Mummy and Daddy are going to love the final images!

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Hampshire baby photographer

Hampshire baby photographer – baby milk baths

Every now and then I love to get the creative juices going and try something new and I got to do just that this weekend.

I have seen many people doing milk baths for pregnant mummas or for breast feeding photos, but I wanted to try it with babies.  So I did a model call on my Facebook page and this weekend I had four gorgeous little babies in to try out milk baths for me.  We had great fun trying different decoration set-ups and playing in both the vintage baby bath and in the big tub.  I absolutely love the results and will be offering these as mini sessions very soon.

I will also be able to offer these to babies who are lactose intolerant as we can use oilatum instead of milk.

A huge thank you to my models Eden, Auryn, Georgia-May and Teddy, and thank you to Charmaine of Southsea for supplying the flowers.


Portsmouth baby photographer – Mabel’s cake smash

Every now and then I have a little one in the studio who is no doubt their own person and won’t be told what to do.  This weekend I met such a little person in Mabel.

Mabel came to see me to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash.  However Mabel was not the kind of little lady to do things conventionally.  She decided that she would do her cake smash lying down – well why wouldn’t you?!  Then she decided that she would have both her feet up on the edge of the bath for her bubble bath.

Mabel certainly made very short work of her cake and seemed to delight in ripping off big chunks, breaking them down into smaller ones before eating all the little pieces.  By the end of the session she’d had so much fun that she was definitely ready for a nap.

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Giant cupcake by The Bakery D’Or

Portsmouth cake smash

Portsmouth newborn baby photography – Archie’s portrait session

On Sunday I spent a lovely few hours cuddling with all 10lb 3oz of baby Archie who came to see me at 12 days old for his newborn baby photos.

Archie definitely thinks he is a growing boy as he insisted on three full feeds before he would go to sleep for us.  Once he was asleep however he rocked his shots with all that beautiful chubbiness!  I love working with bigger babies as they are more flexible and easier to pose, as they were so cramped in the womb towards the end.

I also love it when parents are happy for me to use real fur in their photos as to be honest it does photograph so much better than even the best faux furs.  All the furs I use are a byproduct of the meat industry, so the animal hasn’t been culled just for their fur.  As you can see in Archie’s sneak peek he was very comfortable snugged up in the furs.

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Portsmouth newborn baby photography

Hampshire newborn baby photography – Hudson’s portrait session

I recently had the pleasure of meeting baby Hudson who was a tiny 6lb baby boy but utterly perfect.

Hudson’s Mummy had booked in with me some months back for a newborn portrait session but neither of us had any idea that he would be in such a rush to come into the world.  Hudson decided he would arrive 5wks early and surprise everyone!  Obviously coming into the world early meant he was a dinky 4lbs at birth and had to stay in hospital for a while.  Normally newborn photos are best done within 10 days of birth but Hudson was 8wks when he came to see me so we weren’t sure how the session would go.

Luckily Hudson was a little sleeper and slept for most of the session, only waking to feed and tell me off!  He spent a lot of the session grunting and growling at me, and I adapted every pose for him to work with what he was able and comfortable to do.  He certainly kept me on my toes but I think you’ll agree from his sneak peek that he did really well!

My newborn diary gets booked up months in advance so if you would like to book a session please get in touch.  You can find out more about my newborn baby photography here.

Hampshire newborn baby photographer