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About simply baby photoshoots

Having a baby is one of the most life changing experiences you can go through, and often parents miss the chance to get newborn photos taken as they are caught up in the whirlwind of family, friends, midwives etc.

Simply Baby is ideal for babies aged between 5 weeks and 6 months, where you want to capture nice relaxed baby portraits before little one gets much bigger.

Sessions are held at my cosy home studio in Portsmouth so that you have full use of all of my props.

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We start by capturing some lovely portraits while little one is still dressed.  If you have a special outfit or a favourite toy, feel free to bring that along to make the photos more personal.  I do also have a selection of outfits and props which you are welcome to use during the session.

Then it’s onto the classic nude images – this may not be possible with all babies depending on age and ability.  However please be assured that any images taken where your baby’s genitals are on show are deleted out of the camera and are not kept.

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Depending on your baby’s age will depend on the type of images we can capture.  At two months we can capture lovely head and shoulder images, and some full body lying down images using props.  At 3 months we should be able to get some smiles and possibly even some on-the-tummy poses.  Once baby can roll the portraits are taken on the floor for safety reasons.  At 4 months we should be able to get smiles and tummy poses.  At 5 months we may be able to prop baby in a seated position to get some lovely sitting-up portraits.  Of course this is just a rough guide as every baby is different.  For examples of what is possible with each age group please click here.

Sessions take up to 1 hour, allowing plenty of time for cuddles and feeding if needed.

Approximately 3 weeks after the session your images will be ready to view.  I will arrange a convenient day/time to present your images to you and talk you through which images and/or products you would like.  However please be assured I do not do hard selling.  If grandparents, aunts, uncles etc would like to come to the viewing they are more than welcome.