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About cake smash photoshoots

What could be a better way to celebrate that first birthday than a cake smash photoshoot?  Whether you go for a classic Cake Smash or a Themed Cake Smash you are going to capture some great memories.

The session begins with some nice natural portraits while little one is still dressed – ideal for grandparents who might not understand ‘wasting all that cake’.  If you have a special outfit that you would like little one to be photographed in, please feel free to bring that with you.  I also have a selection of vintage themed outfits which you are welcome to use for their portraits.

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Serious photos out of the way, it’s onto the mess!  Little one can either be stripped down to just their nappy or if you would like to bring a dress-up outfit along for them to wear for the cake smash that’s fine as well.  I do keep a small selection of tutus for the girls, which you are welcome to use.

The giant cupcake can be made in your choice of colour, and dairy or gluten free cakes can be obtained.

During the cake smash be prepared to get mucky yourself – very rarely does anyone get out completely clean, so I recommend wearing appropriate clothing.

Cake smash montage 2

Once the cake is demolished we’ll bring in my vintage bath tub for some bubbly fun.  Not only does this give us a chance to capture some very cute baby photos, but it means little one can get cleaned up too!  I will have towels and baby bubble bath available, but please feel free to bring your own if little one has sensitive skin.

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Sessions are held at my cosy home studio in Portsmouth so that you don’t have to worry about all that mess – and believe me there is a lot!

Sessions take up to 2 hours as I work to what little one wants to do – they call the shots!

Approximately 3 weeks after the session your images will be ready to view.  I will arrange a convenient day/time to present your images to you and talk you through which images and/or products you would like.  However please be assured I do not do hard selling.  If grandparents, aunts, uncles etc would also like to come to the viewing they are more than welcome.

Up to date prices for cake smash sessions can be found here.